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Million Dollar
Oxy Pro Treatment

Treatment Time approx..  45mins

The Million Dollar Oxy Pro Treatment combines science with the ancient yoga philosophy, working with ingredients that have been passed down through generations and families and perfected over millennia.  This treatment will take you through 45 minutes of non-strenuous facial yoga.


Yoga can boost circulation which brings more oxygen to your cells, it can reduce stress and inflammation plus leading to a more restful sleep. Resulting in a healthier radiant skin.


Increasing oxygen within the skin can create a diverse treatment that can combat….

• Acne – killing the prebiotic acne bacteria

• Sensitivity – Healing and reducing inflammation

• Ageing – increasing oxygen can hydrate reducing ageing and improving fine lines and wrinkles.


The key ingredient is the Chinese privet seed that is sourced from the cloud forest of Sichuan with high moisture and oxygen content.

• Minimising crows feet by up to 68%

• Skin appears healthier and more glowing

• Improving the roughness of the skin by up to 32%

It also contains fruit enzymes carica papaya and mangos enzyme pumpango which is rich in vitamins and minerals. Both help to gently exfoliate and stimulate cell renewal.

No downtime.  Suitable for all skin types.

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