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The Body Ballancer® is a versatile and relaxing compression therapy system that uses the proven principles of lymphatic drainage to provide a consistent high quality lymphatic massage.


Developed by the worlds leading producer of medical pressotherapy devices, Body Ballancer® has two garments (pants & jacket, worn separately) that gently fill with air through 24 chambers to create a relaxing massage that specifically targets the body’s lymphatic system, removing excess fluid & toxins associated with a host of health & aesthetic conditions.

Body Ballancer® benefits include....

Health – Natural detoxing, improved immune system function, reduced bloating, better digestion, reduced stress through  promoting relaxation, improved sleep quality.

Aesthetic – Inch loss through water retention, firmer, smoother skin, improvement in the appearance of cellulite, anti-ageing through the removal of free radicals.

Fitness – Faster muscle recovery, supporting

peak physical performance.

Specialist Facials: Services
Specialist Facials: Price List

 Body Ballancer® – Pants or Jacket Pricing

1 x 45 mins session: £60 
Course of 6 x 45 mins sessions: £330
Course of 12 x 45 mins sessions: £595

Add on
Dermalux LED Phototherapy Treatment with any Body Balancer Treatment: £20
Body Ballancer to any facial: £40

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