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4D Sculpt FAQ's

Is it safe?
Yes. The treatment is completely non invasive and safe. The process has undergone examination and assessment by several medical bodies. We use the most advanced technology available and your technician is very experienced in providing treatments, so you are in extremely safe hands.

Will I Be Able To Drive After My Treatment?

Yes. The treatment is completely non-invasive and has no “down-time”. You are free to carry on with your normal daily activities immediately after treatment.

Where Does The Fat Go?

Ultra safe, high frequency (ultrasonic) sound waves are generated and transmitted into the area to be treated. This energy is in two specific modulations resulting in a dual effect (2×2 = 4D Cavi!). The first effect is the creation of low pressure bubbles within the fat cells. This causes the fat cells to swell and relax, resulting in rupture of the cell membrane. This releases the fats and water into the lymphatic and venous system as a readily available source of fuel for the body. The second modulation causes a positive pressure wave through the interstitial space, promoting accelerated lymphatic drainage, to accelerate the results beyond anything you may have experienced before!

Will The Fat Cells Come Back?

Not if you continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What Happens When I Come to Blush For My Treatment?

Your 4D Cavitation experience will begin with a FREE consultation which can be done at a separate appointment or on the day of planned treatment.  During this we will discuss the areas of your body you would like to improve, the likely length of treatment required and how those areas will be targeted by the treatments. Following the consultation and the completion of a medical questionnaire,

On the day of treatment the targeted fatty area will then be accurately measured and recorded to enable us to monitor your progress.

Treatment gel will be applied to the treatment area. This ensures optimal transmission of the Ultrasonic energy and lubricates the treatment head as it passes over your skin.

The 4D Cavitation treatment will then begin. During the treatment, your therapist will move the treatment head across the treated area using our unique patterns. These have been specially developed through months of in-clinic testing on real people to ensure optimal application of the dual modulation 4D Cavitation ultrasonic energy.

After treatment, the area will be cleaned and dried, then the treated area will be re-measured to assess the inch-loss achieved.

You can expect to see a reduction of between 1.5 and 8 inches across all areas (3.25 and 20cm’s) with a single treatment! In order to increase the body’s ability to remove the Triglycerides (the contents released from the fat cells in the treated area), it is necessary to assist this natural process by increasing the metabolic rate through some form of cardio  vascular exercise (i.e 30 minute walk/run per area treated.

Can more than one area be treated on the same day?

Yes this is no problem, obviously you will just be at the Clinic for a longer amount of time, Please speak to Blush for further advice on timings if required.

Who can be treated?

Due to the non-invasive nature of our 4D Cavitation Inch Loss treatments, they are suitable for both men and women that wish to look their best and do not wish to endure the costs and risks of cosmetic surgery. However, there are a number of clinical conditions that would prevent treatment, please check with Blush for more details and these will also be discussed at your consultation. If  in the meantime you have any specific questions or requirements, please do not hesitate to call for more information.

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